Cousin It: Part 1 – Locked Up


As the barriers dropped and upon our return to campus, there was a snowball effect of everything that began to happen to us. Hardly a day or two would go by without something happening to us. That first semester was full of constant battles, attacks, and experiences from the metaphysical and astral that I am surprised how well some of us appeared to make it out of there.

Almost as soon as we returned to campus, Grace began noticing a great deal of new activity. Kim, Grace, and I all decided to evening Mass when we got back. We sat through a decent chunk of it before Grace began to get sick. She has always felt ill when demons are around and as this wasn’t the first time she had been attacked at Mass over the years at the school, it wasn’t wholly unusual. She left quickly though before she could receive Communion though. I made sure, upon her request before she left, to bring her communion.

Back in our room our little coven began discussing what was going on already. We had previously learned from Phoebe’s revelation the previous Spring, that the main demon on campus had been responsible in the past for Grace’s torment and having nearly possessed our friend Chris. This same demon was going to be receiving a power up and hierarchical change in the coming weeks as well. Megan, Anael, and Phoebe had discovered this very recently, so we started to realize that our good ol’ Cousin It, as Megan had nicknamed it, was responsible for the attack on Grace that evening during Mass and that he would probably continuously be ordering attacks on all of us now that the barriers had been removed for the Powers That Be’s experiment.

Because of all of this and our desire to protect those on campus who knew little to nothing about this stuff, we decided to create a barrier around the building Cousin It resided. The very house that had once been an infirmary during a flu outbreak in the early 1900s where many students had died. The very house where a priest discovered a sick, young girl had been possessed by this very same demon and where her exorcism took place and failed. This building had been Cousin It’s headquarters for over hundred years and had caused a great deal of misery already for my friends and I.

The idea was that the barrier we would create would seal him inside the building and then also prevent him from sending orders out to the other demons and minions that were on campus. Without someone to lead them more directly, they wouldn’t be nearly as effective in their attacks, or so we assumed. This was one reason we needed and wanted the archangels to help us. Each would watch and protect us while also helping by sending the extra energy we would need. While I was originally meant to have Gabriel do this for me, his attitude on our first meeting prevented him from being paired with any of us and thus Cassiel was paired with me, Michael with Grace, Sariel with Phoebe, Uriel with Nicole, Raphael with Megan, and Raguel with Carol.

We made the plan that as each of us had developed an elemental ability we would push that energy into and around the building late at night while the majority of campus was already in bed and asleep. Phoebe and her bound angel Clio would be on the West side/back of the building that faced the main guy’s dorm with me. Since Clio was primarily air with her energy, it worked well paired with me who manifested my energy was electricity. Grace and Megan with Anael were paired on the front side of the building facing East and the large field in front of the chapel. Both Grace and Megan were primarily earth based in their energy at that time. Nicole was going to take the two sides of the building with her water energy and running back and forth between the two sides. And Carol was going to walk around the perimeter of the yard reciting the Lord’s Prayer and the Red Legion Prayer in Latin she learned especially for this ritual. She had also learned to create holy water and was going to use that to sprinkle on the ground as a more physical outline for the barrier.

The plan was solid. We closed down our coffee house in the chapel basement and stayed down there until we knew most people had left and made it home to their dorms. We had started to realize that my energy acted like a battery and amplifier for others. It served as a bit of a power up. We sat there in a circle on the floor of our coffee house and held hands and focused on raising our energy. Phoebe’s Pagan background helped us in our energy work at that moment. I remember Grace asking me to focus more and pull my energy forward even more before we were deemed ready to go.

We marched out to the building from the chapel basement exit. Grace and Ana/Megan split to stand before the front door and Nicole stood before the one side wall facing the parking lot while Clio/Phoebe and I made our way to stand before the back door. Carol had found a place between Grace and Nicole to help signal the start of everything.

I remember hearing them, even from the other side, and rushing forward to push my energy into the door with Clio/Phoebe. We shifted to the walls at another point and I remember my hands feeling like the stone bricks were cutting into me. I could hear Carol as she swung around on each lap around the house saying the prayers and sprinkling holy water. I remember turning my head at one point and seeing a figure walking the road. It looked so familiar, like our friend Jeff, and I worried about what would happen if he saw us. But I had to push it aside and looked back at the building instead. I never really knew if it had been him walking that night or if it was just my own imagination or something the demons were projecting to distract me.

Suddenly, Clio and I heard a yell from the other side and went running with Nicole to meet Grace and Ana needing help as Cousin It began rampaging the front door to escape. Carol came up as well and we all pushed our energy into the door. I felt so worn out suddenly and Grace then ordered Nicole, Carol and Phoebe/Clio to run me back to the protection of our coffee house. Grace and Ana/Megan were close behind though as our barrier was complete and the demons attacking would be left in the hands of the archangels. I remember, with Nicole and Phoebe on either side of me that I felt like my feet barely touched the ground, almost as if I was flying rather than running with them.

When we were all assembled back in the coffee house, we closed the door and pretty much everyone collapsed on the floor. Grace was bleeding from a metaphysical wound and Ana was as well. My hands felt burnt. As we composed ourselves, we ran through the events a little more. Gabriel, in a battle lust, began attacking any and every demon he saw, but had also inadvertently stabbed Ana as well with his poisoned tipped sword. Raphael was busy healing her and the rest of us as well. Grace burned her hands metaphysically to what would equate to 4th degree burns and a demon spawn (these wormy like creatures) thrown into her feet and chest. She had a gaping chest and back wound in her metaphysical/astral body. Nicole and I suffered minor metaphysical burns and cuts while Clio ended up with a spawn in her thigh. Carol was uninjured but Megan, with her clairaudience ended up being telepathically and empathically connected to Cousin It and would suffer his pain over the next few days until we managed to severe their connection.

We succeeded in what we had aimed to do. Cousin It was imprisoned in his own outpost. He couldn’t send out orders for attack or anything. And he was in pain from all the energy we had pushed into the building. I remember later, someone said that the static electricity I pushed in there made it so that every little movement caused him pain and a nasty shock. And while we came out of it with injuries and pain, we accomplished something rather big for our first coven battle. Things looked like it would turn out well if we worked together as a team like this every time. Of course, none of us really took into account what the psychological effects of it all would be in the end.

“It was a lie when they smiled and said, you won’t feel a thing/ And as we ran from the cops, we laughed so hard it would sting”   ~from “Disenchanted” by My Chemical Romance


The Barriers Lift


As I have said before and my lack of weekly posting proves, these chapters are difficult to write. Time has lessened the pain from the scars, but finding the words to express what went on my senior year in the Coven of Ages/Crazy is always so difficult.

The deadline for the beginning of our trial run period was nearing ever closer. We met frequently to discuss what we would do. For someone like my roommate Grace, a sudden complete change in energetic barriers would have caused significant imbalance and illness. We knew we had to leave campus and remove ourselves from the range of the testing grounds so that Grace and even Phoebe could ease into the energy shifts better. As fate would have it, a friend of ours, Jen, had worked that summer at a local theme park and had procured a number of free tickets for all of us in the coven and our other friends to get off campus the Sunday that the Powers That Be decided to drop the veils between worlds. Jen’s tickets were our literal tickets out of there for the day.

Eleven of us went. Five of us from our little coven; Grace, Phoebe, Nicole, Kim, and I. Megan and Carol were elsewhere. Three of the others in our group that day would be let in on things later on that year as the members of our Coven shifted. I have a picture of all of us that day and we all looked so happy. As warm as it was on a Sunday late in September, we were happy, giddy, and having fun together. We were carefree for a day.

We rode roller coasters and bumper cars. We went around and around on the carousel. We forgot in those short hours the craziness on campus that awaited us. Looking back on days like that make me miss what we once were and miss all of them. We were friends who knew how to have fun in the craziness of all metaphysical drama that was to come. Even the awkwardness between Kim and I as we both still questioned our attraction to each other was lessened by the fun we were having.

These are the memories I look back on and miss my former coven; my friends. In another version of things, that family stayed together and can look very fondly on these memories. In this version of things, we all regret, well many of us probably do, the group of peculiar misfits we failed to keep together as a family.

Some of them are so happy today though. They have moved on, and I am glad for that. Some days I can do the same. But I know the story needs told and I will not be able to fully move on myself until I tell the story of what our coven accomplished and failed to accomplish. Whether it be for my own shadow work and ability to move on, or for others of the coven that may still read these pages, or for those strangers who read and need to hear the story as a warning or for the hope of it, the story needs told. That reminder keeps me writing, slowly but surely, these chapters of my life.

Alliances Made, Enemies at Our Backs, and the Coven Named


I think one of the hardest things about writing about these chapters of my life is figuring out when and in what order certain things happened. I wrote a lot down, but some of it still blends together in such a way that I struggle to figure out what to talk about next. And even harder is always how to talk about it.

To put it into more perspective, my senior year of college had a lot going on. Not only were there mundane things to attempt to focus on, like my classes and being a freshman leader and my internship experience, but we had all of the metaphysical shit to deal with that kept coming but day after day.

As I said before, it did start off with an alright scene. Our coven formed in such a way that we had hope and we worked together. In that first month we fostered each other in developing. We also spent time becoming familiar with local spirits and the archangels we would work heavily with that year. We also became more familiar with past lives in a way we didn’t anticipate.

Before my electricity began, Phoebe began introducing us to some of the spirits she knew. She began channeling quit frequently but also we were simply told about them as well. We began getting together and discussing the things that were going to happen the closer we got to the end of September.

Early in September we sat down with Kim, my eventual girlfriend, about things that were to happen. While we did not intend to involve her the way we eventually did, we had hoped that her influence as an alum that everyone loved would help serve as a distraction now and then. She already knew some about Grace’s abilities and such that it was easy to tell her things and know she would already take it somewhat well. She would be one of our “mundane” allies. We had others that were less aware of things during those days, but she would be our main one initially.

The second and third weeks of September were not wholly busy with the metaphysical save for meeting some of our first non-corporeal allies. An angel bound to Phoebe was the first. At first Phoebe was not wholly sure who the angel was and why she was bound to her soul, however over time we learned why. She and Phoebe helped us contact other angels and spirits around.

We met Anael the archangel and Raphael. Anael called me “Pixie-face” the first time we met her. It confused me at first, but later it made sense once I learned who I was in past lives. Along with Raphael, she worked with Megan on her clairaudience.

There were fae and pixies and goblins that lived on our campus as well. We took little walks to where they lived on campus to talk to them, Phoebe channeling and Megan listening clairaudiently (both acting as our mediums and channels) to tell Grace, Carol, Nicole, and I what these non-corporeal beings were saying. We formed agreements with them, letting them know about the plan the Powers that be had and forming an alliance to call upon each other if we needed help from the demons we knew already inhabited the campus grounds. Even the naga, who lived in the lake and were less inclined to form alliances with humans, made an alliance with us as well.

We met the archangel Michael as well with my first encounter being right after my electricity started to generate. He essentially would become one of our main sources of information. He kept a close eye on us, especially Grace who was his particular protégé.

With all our previous experiences on campus with demons, we knew forming alliances with these beings would prove helpful. We needed extra protection to help us on our mission to keep things going smoothly through this beta-run of the Enlightenment. As such, we discussed with the archangels a plan to specifically protect and guard each of us especially once we caught wind that the main demon on campus that had previously attacked and attached itself to Chris during our sophomore year was making plans to stop things going smoothly. We had learned through Megan’s clairaudience, Anael being channeled by Megan, and Phoebe, that this demon (nicknamed Cousin It) was going to cause us serious problems when the veils lifted. So we made a plan.

Grace sat down several nights with Phoebe channeling, sometimes with others of us there too, to become familiar with each archangel. They partially insisted on meeting her and partially it was her need. She had already met Raphael, Anael, and Michael, but also met several others including Uriel and Raguel and Sariel. Grace and Phoebe, along with Michael, had begun discussing who of the high seven archangels would serve as protectors, guardians and patrons to each of us in the coven. Grace was going to be under Michael’s. Raphael would watch Megan as Anael was not one of the high seven. Nicole was paired with Uriel. Phoebe had started working with Sariel already as well. So it really left me and Carol to be paired with the remaining three of the high seven: Raguel, Cassiel, and Gabriel. Due to some of Carol’s abilities and personal blocks, she was paired with Raguel. So that left me.

Because Cassiel was said to be less of a protector and fighter, Grace and Phoebe aimed to have Gabriel paired with me. Things did not go as well as they thought it would. The night Phoebe channeled Gabriel for Grace to meet was not pleasant. Gabriel was in such a state that prevented him from being very friendly to Grace or Phoebe.

I remember walking into the dorm room with Nicole and Megan, interrupting the channeling session. Grace told us to come in and close the door quickly. She was standing in the door between our two rooms with her arms crossed staring at Gabriel who sat in the middle of the floor in Phoebe’s body. He took no notice of Nicole or Megan for that matter, but tore his eyes away from Grace to stare at me. The staring contest seemed to last awhile. I remember being slightly nervous but there was something in me that was also defiant enough to continue staring back at him. There was a brief moment where there was some acknowledgement of something I wasn’t aware of flit across his eyes.

Finally, he turned back to Grace and said, “You are the Coven of Ages.” (As a note, in earlier years I would have been less inclined to actually share our coven name, but now, not so much. Phoebe would later call us the Coven of Crazy though.)

“The what?” Grace asked back sternly.

He repeated and then told us he would help with our plan in dealing with Cousin It but would not be channeled by Phoebe ever again. Then he left, leaving Phoebe so quickly that she collapsed into herself where she sat. She wasn’t hurt, save for her body being extra sore from how tense Gabriel had been in her body.

Grace then made the decision that Gabriel would not be paired with me after all. Even though Cassiel was less of a fighter, it did not mean he could not help in some capacity. Gabriel was too volatile for Grace’s liking. His volatility would prove helpful though and eventually he did mellow out a bit as well. But those stories are for other chapters.

For now, we had learned we had a name for our coven. A name we had carried in past lifetimes. It pulled us together more and more. At least initially. We had allies as well that would help when we needed. And with the veils getting ready to drop and the demons ready to run completely amok, we needed all the help we could get.

Nostalgia Bites


A hard bite of nostalgia hit me this afternoon and left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. There are things I certainly miss about those days in that old Coven. There are things I miss terribly about college in general. But there are things that still leave me feeling bitter about the bad things and even the good.

This campus where I teach isn’t even remotely similar to the campus and halls of the building of my college. There is the age, for sure. But there is little else in common. Except the weather. Sometimes I love early spring. The shift in weather and temperature to chilly warmth. The longer days and sunnier weather. The starts of new buds on the trees.

But for some reason, this time of the year always makes me nostalgic too, and not always for the good times. There is a sense of a loss in the spring that I feel that I can never pinpoint where it is from. Even before the days of the Coven I felt this. It seems strange to feel this sense of loss in the spring when everything is becoming new again. Perhaps there are links to past life things that bring these feelings up that I should some day explore, but after all that has happened with the Coven, I know there are some things about this particularly flair up that is not linked to long distant memories.

Maybe what I felt before college was simply a ripple back effect of those springtime losses in college. The time of Audrey or the realization of losing my crush to demonic influence or the time of the final break in the coven before we graduated or the break up with my girlfriend.

March is almost here. A familiar scent of a college during early spring and look of empty halls on a Saturday with the afternoon sun lighting it in such a way is what triggered this feeling. The welling up of emotion, almost panic, in my chest. It will be ten years since that evening with Audrey this year. I wander if she’ll remember that too. I wander if this bite of nostalgia of the memory of those days or rather the feeling of having lost those days is some remnant of spiritual PTSD I figured I was beyond. It is certainly during these days I remember most acutely those bygone days and feel the pangs of what we all went through, the good and the bad. And it certainly puts me in a mood. Maybe it’ll provoke new posts upcoming for this blog. We’ll see. For now, I’ll let myself ride out these feelings before returning to my more normal emotionless state.

Sparks Fly


I have said previously that I really wasn’t that gifted. At least I didn’t think I was gifted. For the three years prior to senior year I had plenty of opportunities to develop an ability, but I didn’t. Why? Because, I thought, I didn’t have any abilities to develop. According to Dick’s theory, all the stress from the spiritual and metaphysical attacks of demons should have opened me up, but that didn’t seem to be the case for me.

I mean, there were moments. After what happened my Freshman year when Tina and Grace came to my room at 3 a.m., I had moments of clairaudience, but it scared me too much. Over that first summer I began looking up more information on things and played with energy manipulation. I wanted to be able to help more than just as moral support, but I kept those things to myself and didn’t do more with it.

I did read Tarot though. I wasn’t the greatest at the time, but I was proficient enough. I enjoyed it and when I read for/with Grace, the readings seemed more accurate. Grace said it was because she knew how to put the energy into the cards more so it gave it more accurate readings, though maybe it was simply the fact that we both were working together. But I didn’t read all the time, because we didn’t want to know what was always going on.

Then there was the writing. I had started a story my Sophomore year about our triumvirate with Nicole and my crush Chris and a demon that was attacking us. I started writing it before Chris was influenced by the demon and when we found out about it, I immediately stopped writing it except one final bit that had him free. I was afraid of what it meant.

But I was fairly good at shielding before Senior year. Even before Grace told me about a method she’d learned from her friend, I was good at what I liked to call, “walling people off.” If I was mad or annoyed enough at someone, I could and would often establish an imaginary wall between them and me to make it easier for me to ignore them and cut them off from myself. In my little story I wrote, the character I based off myself was talented in shielding. Even in all those years by Grace’s side when she and Tina and Nicole were attached or influenced, I never once was touched. I never really thought about that much before, but it was true. There were no times that I remember where I felt myself attacked. Though, maybe that was because I wouldn’t have felt it anyway as my clairsentient ability never developed until after college. Regardless, the fact remained that it was an easy concept for me to grasp to shield myself.

And sure, I was able to pick up the subtle shifts in behavior from Phoebe when she channeled or had a past life front for her. I could tell when she was herself and when she wasn’t. I could pick up the cues from Grace when she was sensing something. I could read between the lines when something was left unsaid. But those were simple observational things. Not true psychic sensing.

During those first weeks of Senior year where Phoebe and Grace were planning out training and figuring out what we were all gifted in, I felt like the odd one out. I felt ungifted. I had no abilities to help us in our missions. Grace, Phoebe, and Nicole all had clairsentience. Phoebe could also channel and developed her clairvoyance and clairaudience to an extent. Megan was a strong clairaudient. Carol we discovered would be able to create holy water with ease and also had strong personal shields. But me? I had nothing.

So it was a surprise when Phoebe codenamed me Alice from Twilight. Alice was the precognitive manic pixie vampire. I certainly showed no hints of being precognitive back then, nor much now for that matter. But still, Phoebe showed in that very small gesture that she had some confidence in me.

It was in mid to late September when I took another opportunity to go home and take a quick break before things were to officially begin for us. I had intentions of telling my mom about things and just taking some time to process, though the things I told my mom went in one ear and out the other. My cousin, though, was having a small party at his place in honor of the son he and his wife had just adopted. When we went, a small thunderstorm rolled in and I had gone outside to watch the lightning.

Storms have always been a comfort for me. I love lightning and thunder. I would go to sleep to thunderstorm and instrumental music from a CD I had, so watching the small little storm roll through was nothing odd. But I could feel the power in it this time. I felt the buzz from it. But for me, being not in the least clairsentient and mostly mundane, I just wrote it off as being excited for a small storm.

I got back to school Sunday afternoon. Grace had gone home that weekend as well but wasn’t returning that night. I went down to our coffeehouse, our second home and headquarters for our coven. I don’t remember who was on duty that night, but I was sitting with Phoebe talking and messing around when she jumped after I touched her. She told me she felt a buzzing. She was intrigued as was I so we experimented with me touching her arm. She kept feeling the buzz and it began to progress the more we experimented until she could feel an electrical shock run through her.

It was odd, since we hadn’t begun doing an element work yet and I had not shown any signs of legit abilities before this. We started to think that it might have been a fluke with Phoebe’s senses. She was more sensitive than I was so it was possible her clairsentience was picking something up. But we decided to have Grace feel to see if it was just Phoebe.

But when Grace returned Monday, she had no time between classes and her shift at the coffeehouse. Phoebe and I decided to try it with Nicole that night though as she had previously shown some sensitivity to energy herself. Even Nicole could feel it and by that night, it was already more pronounced than it was before, according to them.

When we got down to the coffeehouse Tuesday night, we got the opportunity to show Grace. The four of us stood behind the counter talking about it and Grace asked to see. She extended her index finger and I met it with my own. She started and jumped back, pulling her hand away with her large eyes even wider than usual. She then asked to feel it again and I obliged.

The downside was, I didn’t feel it myself. At least not at first. My electricity was building but I couldn’t sense it. Phoebe and Grace could though which meant that the demons and other entities on our campus could as well, so it was decided that I would be bubbled to prevent the energy from projecting while it kept building. Each day it progressed further and further throughout my body from my feet (and hands) upward toward my head. And that energy projected without being encased in the bubble.

I got the nickname Sparky after that from the archangel Michael when he stopped in to be channeled by Phoebe one evening. He pulled me into his lap where we were sitting on the couch. He was curious and had heard from the other angels who had already been channeled or shown up before him that I was “buzzing.” I obliged and held my hand above his and pushed the energy. His reaction was the most curious I had seen. It was surprised but in a way that indicated her knew something about it. But after that he started calling me Sparky.

My spontaneous development of my electricity generation created a lot of questions. The Powers that Be who were in charge of the trial run at our campus were informed about the situation and they did not seem to know the answers to why I hadn’t developed this ability until then. With the other things that had happened prior to that year, it would have made sense that I developed something sooner. So I became a case study. They would take the time to look into my Akashic Records and figure out where the ability came from and why it was delayed. Whether they found the answer or not, I never knew. Phoebe and Grace (and the angels) either never got the answer from Dick’s contact in the Powers that Be or they just never told me.

It really didn’t matter much, though. I would later find out about my first past life Alyce that would shed some light on where my ability came from, but I was still, for the longest time, at a loss for why it wasn’t until then that I began to develop an ability to generate an electrical charge of energy. And that energy had some interesting effects.

Personally, once the bubble was removed and the energy had settled out and I learned to mask it, I could create energy balls that we could throw around at the demons. I could also use it to send electric currents into someone with my hands. I also learned a method to heal with it. But in regards to the coven as a whole, my energy had the unique effect of being an extra energy boost. I have seen Phoebe since describe it as being like a psychic energizer bunny. My energy could boost everyone else’s energy and give that extra oomph to what we were doing.

And so, for the first time, I really felt like I belonged there with our coven. I had something to contribute other than moral support. We all had our purpose in the coven now.

“Unified diversity
Functioning as one body
Every part encouraged by the other
No one independent of another
You’re irreplaceable, indispensable
You’re incredible.”
~Beautiful Bride by Flyleaf

It Started With an Alright Scene


I haven’t posted in a while, so I figured I should start writing a new post here and continue where I left off.

So many things happened that Fall semester, that it is sometimes hard to believe. The first thing that happened to me was I had a little stomach bug to help cleanse me. And then we all started discussing what was going to be happening since now we knew about the “Big Thing.”

Grace had started working with Phoebe in a channeling aspect for the purpose of 1) helping Grace notice the subtle shifts more easily and 2) helping Phoebe shift between her past lives and other entities more subtly. Phoebe was exceptionally good at channeling and the practice began to give Grace more of an advantage than what she had before. They both started developing tremendously.

Then there was Megan whose clairaudient ability terrified her before. Grace sat and worked with her in such a way that helped Megan realize her ability was not a curse but a gift. Grace loaned her a book on guardian angels that Megan read immediately and used as a guide to contact the angels and more specifically the archangel Raphael. The change in Megan was astounding.

Our little coven that was forming was full of hope. I remember Phoebe sitting down with Grace in our room a time or two and planning out what we should do in preparation for this coming trial. It was a training plan for all of us. Phoebe gave us code-names based off of the characters from Twilight and she had plans to train us in using the elements which was based on her pagan background but something I was very excited to learn.

We had all of this potential. I was excited to learn, because up to that point, I showed no inclination to any ability. At least I didn’t think I did. Looking back now I can see the hints at my abilities that developed later. Were they stunted back then because I had that opinion that I was the moral support friend? I honestly think it was a combination of things that I could write a whole other post about.

Despite my lack of belief that I had abilities, Phoebe put me down for training with everyone else that was forming our coven. Hell, the Twilight codename she gave me was Alice. I was simultaneously confused and proud of that connection since Alice was my favorite character from the books. The foreshadowing that codename had is remarkable too (you can read my past life blog for that).

With Grace and Phoebe as our most developed in abilities, they were our co-leaders. At least, that is how I saw them. They had the potential to lead us through the dark days ahead of us. Megan was embracing her gifts and would allow us to communicate with non-corporeals and Phoebe could channel them. Grace and Nicole would be able to sense other beings around us. Carol was developing her gifts as well, and who knew, maybe I would develop something myself finally.

God, I can look so fondly on those first days of that coven. There was so much potential and hope. We had friends. We were ready to take on the world. And yeah, we had that special little snowflake syndrome going on, but we had confidence in what we were about to face because we were together and believed in what we were going to be doing.

But even in those first days I can see where we were doomed to fall apart. This isn’t a story where the Coven stays together and defeats all their enemies and have a happy ending. Even though we started out thinking that was what was going to happen, we couldn’t keep ourselves together. Some of us, yes, are working on our happy endings now apart from the rest. Some of us have no contact with each other. Some of us are making it work and have formed our own covens. Some of us still harbor deep, unhealed wounds from the damage we inflicted on each other and received from our enemies that we cannot forgive or forget what happened. But I wouldn’t say that any of us don’t miss the Coven, the family, we once were in those earliest of days.

“I hate the ending myself, but it started with an alright scene.” ~Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance

A Cleanse for the Wicked


I started out my senior year of college earlier than the rest of the student body. I volunteered to be a Freshman Leader, an upperclassman guide for new freshman to get acclimated better to college life. It gave me the privilege of being able to move in early to school, before the rest of the school. I had some training and then Freshman showed up.

Some of my friends were on campus early too, for both similar and different reasons. Some of those friends would eventually end up as part of our coven. Phoebe and Anne were two of those friends. Another friend, Erica, was also there, but she never became a part of our coven due to heavy atheism that colored her beliefs or lack thereof. Anyway, I particularly hung out with Phoebe a bit more during that week before school started despite her not being one of the Freshman Leaders like Erica was.

When the freshman showed up, several Freshman Leaders, Erica included, began getting sick. Even the freshman and the Freshman Advisers (the professors) were falling ill at the first evenings festivities. It was odd, but nothing too alarming. That night I hung out with Phoebe again and we talked a bit candidly about several things metaphysical, when I started to feel off myself.

I ended up rushing to the bathroom and throwing up a couple times. Returning to my room, I told Phoebe I’d gotten sick and she best be going so I didn’t make her sick. Come to find out, someone on the kitchen staff had contracted the norovirus and passed it on through the food they fixed that the Freshman Leaders, Advisers, and even freshman ate. Nothing too metaphysically woo about that, except, when I was a bit better, talking with Phoebe showed that maybe there was something more metaphysical about it.

According to her, with everything that was supposed to happen that year with the experimental run for the Enlightenment, the illness was to act as a cleanse for people on campus, purifying them of any extra negative energy and even the demonic sludge that many students accumulated during stay at our school with all the demons around. It made sense to me. Colleges in general hold a lot of harmful energy in general that needs cleansed on a regular basis, and with a college full of demons it would make sense that it needed a more physical component to cleansing it prior to the big thing actually happening.

Our friend Anne, who was on campus early as well, never got sick herself, but took care of Erica who fell very ill from the norovirus. Anne was the sweetest cinnamon roll you could find, too pure for this world. So of course she never fell ill. Erica, however, was quite a negative pessimist, but we all loved her. Her greater level of negativity caused her to get sicker than others. That and the fact that she was from town probably made her more prone to having accumulated more negativity energy from our hellmouth of a college.

As for me, I honestly could be a bit of a pessimist, and had my negative moments back then (and still today). I also spent so much time with Grace dealing with demon activity that I probably has some built up negative energy attached to me and my aura that caused me to fall ill. And looking back, while I was miserable for about a day, I was no where near as sick as some who caught the norovirus. I was out and about fairly quickly the next day, drinking plenty of water and avoiding food other than crackers to keep my stomach settled.

Phoebe never fell ill, either from her avoiding too much contact with those who were sick or having set up plenty of personal protection and doing self cleanses on herself to keep herself from needing to go through the lovely gastrointestinal cleanse so many of the freshman ended up experiencing. Despite the illness spreading on campus, they did not delay opening the campus to upper classmen the Sunday before classes started. Once they showed up, the norovirus continued to spread, though much slower until finally they got the CDC in to determine what our little epidemic was.

When my roommate Grace showed up she Lysoled our room so that she wouldn’t fall sick herself. Now, every time Grace did return to campus she fell ill. The negative energy from the demons that lived there would bombard her as soon as she got within so many miles of the school and leave her feeling sick until her system compensated. But she never caught the norovirus like others did. Actually, of our friends and future coven members, I think I was the only one who got it, and part of that was because I was there early enough and ate the food the initial carrier of the virus prepared.

Of all the things that that incident taught it was to make sure I cleansed my energy on a regular basis. I tend to be more sensitive and aware of my own energy nowadays than I was back then. I also tend to be more aware of my moods than I ever was before so that helps remind me when I need to cleanse my aura and balance my chakras. Now, I am still by no means perfect at that and never negative. But being aware of that helps in knowing how to keep my energy in check enough from bogging me down and needing a fun gastrointestinal illness to physically cleanse me. 😉